“Bastarda aims at being a collection of short biographies of women who, through their thoughts, creativity or acts, or even through their very lives, have inspired us to, at the very least, get to know them a little more and speak of them, tell their stories to those around us (...). With invisibility as a criterion, we intend to speak of intellectuals and social organizers, factory workers or even pirates, not to mention the associations and groups whose historiography did not allow for the artistic and intellectual uniqueness of their members to stand out. We are therefore interested in the narratives of lives of those who have been considered the bastards of history. In our first issue, we consider the invisibility of women in the history of science, the difficulty of intersecting issues of race and gender that mark the life and work of black activist and writer Michele Wallace and we rescue from oblivion small episodes of great transgressive lives such as those of Berta Cáceres, Luisa Capetillo and Jan Morris, as well as of “the grandmother of the Internet”, Mary Lee Woods.”